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Friday, November 26, 2010

The 30 Day Blog Challenge - The final chapter: day 26-30

Firstly I am doing a crash finish to wipe the slate clean.  To say that I finish something that I started.  I think a lot of people headed this way towards the end on this challenge.

day 26 - what do you think about your friends

I really feel like saying that I don't think much of them because it's the end of the blog and no one is reading it anyway but that is the furtherest thing from the truth *snigger*  They are all awesome!

day 27 - why are you doing this 30 day challenge

To improve blogging and writing skills as I do not really have the knack of composing in a journalistic manner.  It was worth a shot.

day 28 - a picture of you from last year & now, how have you changed since then?

I'm a year older, a little wiser and a little lighter :)

day 29 - in this past month, what have you learned

That it is good to finish something that you started, even if it is a little late :)

day 30 - your favorite song

Beautiful Day - U2

Friday, November 5, 2010

Day Twenty Five - what you would find in my bag

I have several handbags and change amongst them infrequently however you will always find the following:


Glasses + cleaning cloth
Lucas paw paw ointment
Eclipse mints
Kids hand wipes
Kids toilet wipes
Eco folding shopping bag

Items currently in handbag and appear in there on a regular basis:

At least one kids colouring in pencil or lead pencil
Staple gun (don't ask)
Kids drawing
Hair clips of varying sorts
Hair ties
Business cards
Lip gloss
Kids spoon
Feddo frog (not anymore I just ate it)
Sea Shepherd brochure
Dymocks gift voucher
Elmo songstar toy (looks like a mobile phone)
Land tax bill
Bankwest brochure kids banking
Tripod camera mount

Majority of the above has just been cleaned out of my handbag and put away, attended to (ate the freddo frog in case you missed that comment) or chucked out.

Day twenty Four - a letter to your parents

Come Back Soon
In progress

Day Twenty Three - something you crave a lot

Gosh this is soooo easy I wonder why it took me so long to answer!

  • Uninterupted 8 hours sleep
  • Relaxing family holiday (no washing, cooking or cleaning)
That is all :)

Sleep on a tropical island...ahhhh...nomnomnom...
Picture sourced from: www.mymaldives.com

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day Twenty Two - what makes you different from everyone else

  • My gene pool of course! *snigger*
  • The very unique flower pattern in my iris. *always stumps iridologists*
  • My ability to say YES when I really wants to say NO. *damn, can't help it*
  • To help without question or reason. *That's my job here on earth*
  • To trust knowing full well that it will bite me on the bum. *well that sucks*
  • Love unconditionally. *how can you not when you have kids*
  • A terrible sense of humor. *inability to tell a joke without screwing it up*
  • Queen Bee of organisation. *cos I am awesome*
  • Never ever want to see people fail. *always want people to succeed*
  • Because I am me. *nothing beats that*