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Friday, November 5, 2010

Day Twenty Five - what you would find in my bag

I have several handbags and change amongst them infrequently however you will always find the following:


Glasses + cleaning cloth
Lucas paw paw ointment
Eclipse mints
Kids hand wipes
Kids toilet wipes
Eco folding shopping bag

Items currently in handbag and appear in there on a regular basis:

At least one kids colouring in pencil or lead pencil
Staple gun (don't ask)
Kids drawing
Hair clips of varying sorts
Hair ties
Business cards
Lip gloss
Kids spoon
Feddo frog (not anymore I just ate it)
Sea Shepherd brochure
Dymocks gift voucher
Elmo songstar toy (looks like a mobile phone)
Land tax bill
Bankwest brochure kids banking
Tripod camera mount

Majority of the above has just been cleaned out of my handbag and put away, attended to (ate the freddo frog in case you missed that comment) or chucked out.

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